Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hillary, My Love

I've been thinking alot about how to meaningfully contribute to this blog and the answer I keep coming up with is the most logical, read a book then talk about it here. Seems simple enough but my experiment with writing about the books I read back in 2004 on my own blog proved to me just how difficult this task can be for me. As I was looking back on those briefs reviews, I came across one that I think is extremely relevant today and as such, I am sharing it with you all here as my first contribution to this blog.
This is a marvelous book about an amazing woman who pulls no punches. Hillary Rodham Clinton is who she is by her own design. The story told is one of a woman who is constantly rediscovering herself and redefining the concept of a progressive woman.The book is exhaustive in taking the reader through her upbringing, young life as the daughter of a staunch republican, and herself a republican until her Wellesley college days where she switched parties, her time as a lawyer, a political activist (when she met Bill), into and through her marriage to Bill and her perspective of his political career, and of course, her years in the White House.I left the book enamored with Hillary Rodham Clinton and in awe of her intelligence, her integrity, and her attitude. From where I write this, the 2004 presidential election is history and right at this time, I can see no better suited individual to become the president of the United States in 2008 than the author and subject of this wonderful memoir. (written 11/10/2004)


Airam said...

I was given her most recent autobiography as a gift for my birthday. I started reading it and have to say that she's pretty inspirational regarding all of the things that she's accomplished, even early in her life. I've never been one who would read a biography but I think it's interesting to read about people's lives.

brandy said...

I've read this and agree with you. Despite an individuals political leanings, it's impossible to read her story and not be impressed with the life she's created for herself. I especially appreciated how straightforward she was when writing about her healthcare ideas, and how she wasn't afraid to voice her opinion, even (and most often) when Bill didn't agree. I keep thinking I should read Bill's but I'm intimidated by the fact that it weighs more than a phone book.

brookem said...

good review chris. i should perhaps check this out.

Chris said...

Brandy - Bill's book is incredible. I read it and listened to the unabridged audio version (read by a guy who almost sounds like him).

Brookem - I think it's an important book, especially for woman. Hillary grew up in a time when woman were not nearly as empowered as they are now and while equality has a long way to go in many regards, her story and successes are inspiring. I admire her so very much.