Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

I somehow got sucked into Meyer's Twilight series this past Spring. I blame the captivating cover for drawing me to the book on the shelf and then with the words "I found out he was a vampire" on the back cover sealed my fate. I flew through Twilight and quickly purchased New Moon to discover that the third book, Eclipse, would be released in August. Without giving too much of the series away, the story is set in northwest Washington State where it centers on Bella Swan and her relationship with the Cullen family (vampires), friends at her high school, Jacob Black, and Jacob's tribe on the nearby reservation. Anxious to revisit these characters, I could not wait to get this third book in my hands. Unfortunately, I simply thought that this book in the series was just mediocre. While Meyer does pace her stories slowly, the build up to the climax point in the book fell flat for me as there was not enough action and too much focus on back stories in my opinion. However, Meyer did a good job at both ending Eclipse and opening a doorway for the next book in the series. In the end, despite the slower pace of this book and those complaints, I enjoyed reading this one if only just to "catch up" with the goings-on with Bella in Forks, Washington.


ARM said...

Every time I go into Barnes & Noble, I pick up one of these books and touch it (I am obsessed with touching books...I loved the year I worked at B&N...Xanadu, I tell you) and read the cover, but I've yet to read these. I'm not sure why. Because I am even more obsessed with vampires and I love reading vampire books. I think I'm going to check this series out, now.

Hopefully the next book in the series won't focus on the backstory as much. I wonder why some series do that? Rehashing stuff...most people aren't going to read a 3rd book in a series without having read the first two. It was one thing that bugged me about the earlier Harry Potter books, too.

Airam said...

That's too bad about the back stories. I've always had a thing for vampires (I have no idea why) and reading stories that featured them.

Pam said...

arm: While the back stories were necessary for this book and for the point at which the characters have arrived in the series, I just thought that it was a little too much.

airam & arm: Vampire stories get me too. The cover of Twilight drew me in and once I saw the word "vampire", I knew I had to read it.

Centaur said...

I think ECLIPSE was one of the best books "I have ever read"
!!!Stephenie Meyer I hope the next one will be as good as the ones you wrote!!!