Tuesday, October 1, 2013

No glory holes in this book. 
Alice Clayton wrote one of the best-worst chic lit books that I've read in a long time.

And by worst I mean there is stuff in there that made me blush in a way that I hadn't since the 50 Shades series.

I feel like this book is The Bachelor meets San Francisco meets delusion. I don't know. I've lived in an apartment complex for a while now, and I haven't heard any wall banging (unless someone is literally drilling a hole to hang up a picture) and I haven't seen any hotties roaming the halls.

Maybe I should move.

Back to the book. There's the main character, Caroline, who moves into this amazing apartment courtesy of her boss. She's in the midst of getting unpacked and settled and ready for bed on her first night there, when she finds herself in an impromptu late night fight with her neighbour, who is a little busy and therefore blissfully unaware that an altercation is taking place at all. Of course there's moaning. Of course there's a wall involved. And banging. Hence the name of the book.

She realizes that the culprit is a hottie mctottie who is wall-banging not one, but three different women folk, all of different shapes and sizes (well done, Alice).

Of course they meet and of course they have a Harry Met Sally Met Ross and Rachel type of introduction. They are oh so witty and oh so hot for eachother. So, naturally, they remain friends, but there's lots of slipping of the Freud. Through this friendship courting, they learn a lot about each other and realize there are things that they like (i.e. she bakes him bread and he protects her after a night of watching scary movies). They end up falling in love and decide to try and make the jump from neighbour to friends to more than friends. He decides he doesn't want to have sister wives anymore (okay, he never did) and she decides that she can tame this bad boy. And of course, as is the case in real life (insert eye roll here), she totally changes his need to be with multiple women.

Despite all the cliches ... in all honesty, I was jealous of this made up story with this made up friendship turned hot and heavy romance. I was 50 Shades of green with envy. If you have a weekend to spare, read the book. It's quite cute and the banter in it is actually very easy to read and very witty.

And, Caroline's cat is named Clive, for God's sake. Also, did you check out that cover? Not that one should EVER judge a book by it's cover, but, um ... damn.