Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Little History of Philosophy by Nigel Warburton

As a student I find, if I attempt to access them, my resources are almost infinite! I have a school library that has too many books to count in. Yet I only read something if it truly interests me.

I have had no prior philosophical education (apart from indenting the first few pages of the works of Plato, and failing on an epic proportion!) So I decided to pick up this introduction and have a very brief flirtation with philosophy. Let me state this book is very accessible but one must be willing to devote time and mental energy or else be willing to give up in the tedious sections. 

It represents the best philosophies and their theories; it is very useful for reference as it is in chronological order from Socrates to Singer. Each philosopher has more or less a chapter with the exception of Kant and a few others claiming more. The ending chapter is devoted to Peter Singer, as a vegetarian I found this particularly interesting as it tells us of animal rights. 

Selling complex ideas to the learned public is a hard job, and despite not doing it with the sexiness of Brain Cox it manages to fit it all in there.

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