Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Language of Letting Go

I suspect this book might be a departure for Book Me In but it's worth putting it out there. The book is "The Language of Letting Go" by Melodie Beattie. I was never a big fan of self-help books and generally hate the "daily devotional" mentality that most of those books have.

That being said, this book is a treasure to me. Meant more for the loved ones of drug and alcohol abusers than overly-emotive 20-somethings, the book did help me overcome heartbreak and was quite literally forced into my hands by a dear, dear friend who was tired of seeing me crying. At the core of this book and it's daily passages is the message my therapist was keen on saying to me over and over again - "They're your emotions. You're allowed to feel them. So feel them!"

Beattie doesn't get too preachy or too religious. She blends just the right amount of tough love and best-friend support.

My main point of sharing this book with the Book Me In community is that at one point or another in everyone's lives we can all either benefit from a book like this ourselves or know someone who would benefit from it.