Thursday, August 16, 2007

Harmony by Joanna Goodman

Harmony is one of the books that I chose to review from TCM Reviews. When I received the review opportunity e-mail that the lady who sends them for this site, I chose it because the main character owned their own shop called, "Anne of Green Tables." Since I am a hardcore Anne of Green Gables fan (Gilbert Blythe get in my life), I chose this book. I didn't even read the rest of the description. And I am so glad I got it before anyone else claimed it! It was such a wonderful book! Aside from the baby part, I felt like I knew she was me. While I read quite a bit, it's rare that I relate to the main character of the book I am reading the way I related to Anne.

Below is the "official" review that I submitted to TCM. It should be published on their site either tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I got it to them in time. So if I didn't, it will be next Friday.

Anne Mahroum is a talented artist, a wonderful wife, and a new mother to a child with a physical deformity. Between attending a support group to help her cope with her son’s problem, working at her studio “Anne of Green Tables”, spending time with her eccentric husband, or flirting with the handsome father also attending the support group, there is the secret of Harmony. Anne doesn’t remember much about her childhood before her mother whisked them away from Harmony to Toronto. She doesn’t know her father and her mother never wants to speak of the town from which they fled and the life that they once lived. Now that she’s a mother herself, Anne is desperate to learn the secret that has been guarded for so long. But once she learns it, will it change her outlook on life forever?

Harmony is an excellent story of a woman struggling to find herself as she accepts her new responsibilities as mother and begins to understand her existing responsibilities as wife, daughter, and herself. I could relate to Anne’s character. I often found myself wondering if Joanna Goodman had found a way into my own personal thoughts for Anne seemed to say and think things that I have personally thought and said. Joanna Goodman brings us a wonderful story with great insight into relationships between family trying to find harmony with one another.


Lord Chimmy said...

That's a good review, but it sounds a little too chic-lit for a manly man like myself.

Pam said...

Sounds like an enjoyable book. As an "Anne" fan myself, I can see how you were drawn to it. I'll have to add it to my list.

Airam said...

I'm loving your review! Funnily enough (or maybe not but I always felt that being Canadian I should love everything that is Anne of Green Gables) I was never into that show. Being a teacher though I have watched an episode (when I taught grade 5 and showed it to my class) and did like Anne's character. Sorry this had nothing to do with the book!!

ARM said...

Chimmy - might be too girlie. But it would give you good insight into a woman's mind!

Pam - I definitely suggest it! Even not being an Anne fan!

Airam - Ha! See...I never watched the series...mainly because being in the US, we didn't get the CBC (though, when mom & dad got the satellite dish, we could find occasional feeds and that was cool). But also because I grew up with the movie and the book. The movie with Megan Follows and Richard Farnsworth (I heart Richard Farnsworth and was so sad when he passed away a few years ago). The series was annoying to me, but only because I already had Megan pegged as Anne in my head. And...the guy who played dreamy! You that I think about it my obsession with all things Canada started when I first watched Anne of Green Gables back in elementary school. I wanted to move to Prince Edward Island so badly and live at Green Gables. Wow...I'm crazy.

Airam said...

Oh and I meant to add ... TORONTO IN THE HOUSE!