Friday, August 10, 2007


It's summer. So that means my staple summer reads get pulled off the book shelf. Belladonna by Karen Moline is just that.

As the front of the cover states, Belladonna is a story of revenge. It is told from the view of Tomasino and he tells the story of the 20-something year journey that leads a simple girl from the Midwest to become the famed Belladonna of New York's high society.

I first read this book about six years ago. I saw it at Barnes & Noble and the front of the cover intrigued me (I am one of those that picks books by covers...yes) and it was on sale, so I bought it. And I read it within two days. And have continued to read it every summer since.

Belladonna is an intriguing story and very risque. I once explained to my friend that it was like watching a Lifetime movie except you actually get the dirty details that are so often left out of those made for TV movies. Throughout the book, there are moments where you will laugh, cry, be scared, bite your nails, and get turned-on. Which, in my opinion, makes for an excellent summertime beach/pool read.


Airam said...

If you've been reading this every summer for the past 6 years then it must be good!

HLOGS said...

Smut! I really need to get this one read, it sounds intriguing. I think I started it a long time ago and never got it finished

ARM said...

Airam, I think it is! It's one of my few "re-reads"

Hlogs, yeah you did start it. I still have the hardcover version in my desk drawer at work because you never got to reading it. It is smutty at times. But oh so good!

brookem said...

you had me at this book's similarity with a lifetime movie! you know how into them i am. i will absolutely be checking this book out.