Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Religious Symbolist Robert Langdon is back in this DaVinci Code prequel when he is called in by CERN (world's largest physics laboratory) after one of their top scientists, Dr. Vetra, was murdered. Upon his arrival at CERN, Langdon discovers that the killer left behind a clue that shows that the ancient brotherhood of the Illuminati may have resurfaced after being in hiding. At the same time, Vetra's daughter discovers that a container of anti-matter (an experiment she and her father was working on) had been stolen during the murder. Both of these elements lead Langdon to be swept up in to going to the Vatican to help destroy a plot to blow up the entire city.

It just so happens that the a beloved Pope had just died in preceding days and the Cardinals were beginning to start conclave to elect a new Pope. Just as the Cardinals head to conclave, four Cardinals go mysteriously missing and the Illuminant's vow to execute a Cardinal on each hour at the four altars of science. With the threat of the antimatter hidden somewhere in Vatican City/Rome and thousands of people gathered in Vatican Square, Langdon and his team must race against the clock to find the antimatter and discover the hidden clues that lead them to the ancient Illuminati altars of science.

This was a fantastic read and I really wish I had it read it much earlier before now. I finished the book before I headed off to the theater to see the film and I thought that the film was pretty decent. They left out quite a bit of detail surrounding the history of the Illuminati, CERN, and Vatican City in general but there so only so much you can do in a movie. I'd read the book just specifically for those elements. They also changed a bit about some of the ending details but the basic elements were there and I can see why they did what they did. Overall though, I found the book much more exciting. But, isn't that always the case?


Lauren said...

I read The Da Vinci Code, but have yet to read this one. Sadly, I think i'm going to be subjected to seeing the movie first (my dad is a HUGE Brown fan and has no one else to take him to see it!), but it's okay. I plan on reading this book soon. Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Anonymous said...


Same as Lauren, I've read the Da Vinci Code, but not this one. I wasn't too crazy about the Da Vinci Code (and less crazy about the movie, guh), but it might be time for something exciting =DD

Love this blog, btw - exactly my kind of thing, hah =)


Melissa said...

I liked this book a lot more than the Da Vinci Code for some reason, and the movie was decent. Can't wait for his third book with Langdon. :)


This is great! Stopping by from SITS!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the book. At first it started off a lot like The DaVinci Code and I was like I've already read this..but it went it's own way. A nice, fast pace thriller/suspense novel.