Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Moon

I've noticed recently that there are reviews for both Twilight and Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer on this website, however none for the second book, New Moon. With the fourth book in the series, Breaking Dawn, coming out in less than two months, I figured I'd add the missing review, hopefully convincing others to join me in enjoying this series.

(As a general warning, if you plan on reading the "Twilight" series, please don't read any further as this post may give away some key plot points. I wouldn't want to ruin it for anyone.)

Before starting New Moon, my roommate Megan simply told me to get through the book and that Eclipse (the third book in the series) is much better. I doubted her, wondering how a book that continues the wonderful tale could be disappointing? Boring even?

Megan, like always, was pretty much right.

New Moon continues where Twilight left off. Bella is starting her senior year of high school in Forks. She and Edward are deeply in love and everything seems more than perfect. That is, until a disastrous accident occurs during her birthday party. Edward sees it smart for him to leave her, to get her away from vampires and danger. Naturally, this doesn't sit well for her.

As she learns to piece herself back together, as hard as it is, she becomes rebellious, lost, and friendly with the boy Jacob Black. She learns that cheery Jacob might have some secrets of his own, ones that might effect everything around her.

As I was reading reviews for this book, the most common complaint was that Edward wasn't in it nearly enough. Pathetically, I have to completely agree. I found myself flipping pages to see if I could find his name later on, if I could see any of the Cullens mentioned. It wasn't that I didn't enjoy the story between Bella and Jacob, it's just that it wasn't right. Juliet should be with Romeo, not Paris. 

The story moved slow and I believe that was the main problem. It wasn't bad, it was still interesting and I was still deeply addicted, but it didn't grab me nearly as much as Twilight did. However, Bella's emotions were very relatable. Which brings me back to my highest compliment for Meyer. She writes characters exceptionally well. They're very real, to the point that you feel like you know them. Or are them. I give her so much credit for that. She said on her website that the characters write themselves. I can almost see that happening.


Airam said...

I completely agree. This book dragged for me and I couldn't wait to get to the part where Bella finally hooked up with Edward again. It just wasn't the same without their romance.

Pam said...

This has been my least favorite of the series and I was pretty miffed at how long it dragged on with Jacob, at the time. I think later I understood a bit why she did what she did. I mean, Bella was trying to just go on about her life in a way but she missed do you when you are reading it. Eclipse is much better. I'm looking forward to Breaking Dawn in August.

Lauren said...

Airam - Whenever a friend reads this book, I say "wait for page 400..." because that's when Edward comes back. Knowing that he would come back gave me so much more motivation to finish it!

Pam - I really don't like Jacob and I know it's purely subjective. I get why she did it--we felt the pain that Bella was going through. i read an interview with her where she said that if she just let Bella and Edward live happily ever after, without the interference of Jacob, Bella would never know if someone was out there that was different. She would never have to make a choice. And ultimately she might regret it. I like that reasoning. She needs options, like all girls.

Sicilian Mama said...

OMG, I am so glad I read this review. I just started this book (after devouring Twilight) and it is seriously depressing me! I'm glad to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel!! And you know what? I totally flipped forward in the book to see if I'd see any of the Cullens' names too! I was so fucking pissed at Edward!