Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Table Where Rich People Sit - Byrd Baylor

The Thanksgiving before my daughter was born, my mom gave me this book. At that time, I thought that reading it each Thanksgiving would become a tradition in my house. It hasn't, but the sentiment that lies within the book is one my daughter and I live daily.

Mountain Girl finds herself aware of all that she doesn't have. her family is poor. They lack the material riches that she so desires. She wants more than she has; like many, she wants to keep up with her friends. She wants to be rich."

But what does it mean to be rich?

That is the question that this short, but poignant book ponders. Is being rich about money or is about something less tangible or concrete?

Mountain Girl questions her family about being poor. Her mother and father respond by pointing out that they are not poor. In fact, they are rich. Together, mother and father point out all the ways in which they are wealthy beyond compare.

During the seasons of Thanksgiving and Harvest Feasts, it is nice to sit down with this book - to take a few minutes to ponder and consider all that makes each of us rich. Wealth is not about how much money lies within your savings account or in the stock market... but it is about the treasures that surround each of us throughout our daily lives.


brandy said...

What a great idea! This sounds like a great book, one that I will have to check out.

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

Oooh... I think I'm going to like this blog. I'm just finishing my MA and pretty soon I'm going to be able to read for... (at the risk of jinxing myself) pleasure.

Love the idea of starting that Thanksgiving tradition. Until we have kids, I have a feeling that our Thanksgiving will mean pizza and overtime. Having said that, it's not lost on me that I'm rich beyond measure.

Melissavina said...

I love this blog and I vow to enter the conversation soon.