Sunday, November 11, 2007

Harry Potter: The Series

I thought that I'd kick start this site back up again. It's been a long time since a post has been put up here and even longer since I've put up a post for it. I believe the last post I had didn't do too well in the comments section so I am determined to write a post for a book (or books) that I actually adore.

There's not much I can say about the Harry Potter series except to read it. Not a very good book review is it? Allow me to elaborate then as best I can (and HP fanatics, please feel free to add to this review). The series is 7 books (I am currently working my way through the 7th and final book). There are three main characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. They are students of the Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizadry, which incidently, is a 7 year program. These three characters forge a very special friendship as they grow and learn about magic and potions and spells. They also learn of their impending fate, which is to abolish Lord Voldermort, who's main focus is to destroy Harry.

Harry becomes an orphan when his parents are killed at the hand of Voldermort. Harry is able to escape, unscathed except for his distinct thunderbolt mark on his forehead. This escape has brought awe to the wizarding community because not only does Harry escape (being only 1 year old) but he essentially destroys Voldermort as well. As the series develops, the readers (and Harry) learn that Voldermort may not exist "in the flesh", but still exists in spirit. Before his mission to destroy the Potter's, Voldermort divided his spirit into 7 ... 1 remaining in his body, while the other 6 are scattered in unknown places, being held inside Horcruxes. The locating and destroying of these Horcruxes is key to Harry's demolishing Voldermort for good (which he learns in book 6). At first Voldermort is merely a spirit who feeds off of the blood of unicorns to sustain himself. Eventually, he returns to his full power (and his own body) with the help of one of his followers ... the person who betrayed the Potter's and led Voldermort to them when Harry was just a child. Voldermort is slowly gaining power as he casts Imperius spells on members of the wizarding community as well as the Ministry of Magic so that they can help him in his reign.
Until the age of 10, Harry has been living with his inattentive and emotionally abusive aunt (who is the sister of his mother), uncle and cousin. His extended family are not a part of the wizarding community and lead Harry to believe that his parents perished in a car accident, fully intending to keep the truth from him. Unfortunately for them, Harry is summoned by Hagrid (who has a fondness of dangerous creatures and works at Hogwart's) that he is of age to attend Hogwart's. This is much to the surprise of Harry as at this point, he still did not know that his mother was a witch and father a wizard. He readily accepted his fate and ventured on his journey into the world of magic. He meets some characters at Hogwarts that eventually play an important role in his life. As usual, there are the enemies: Severus Snape (a professor at Hogwart's) and Draco Malfoy (a fellow student) to name a few.

As you delve into the series, there is no question that the books become darker. There are attempted murders ... and some that are successful. Betrayal. Love. Denial. Acceptance. Bravery. It is no wonder that these books are loved by people of all ages. It is no wonder that the series is wildly successful. The imagination that seeps through these pages just blows my mind. I was skeptical at first when it came to Harry Potter. I thought it was "just for kids." Boy was I wrong. I absolutely loved the story and plan on re-reading them ... and I usually don't plan to re-read books before I'm actually through reading them!

So if you haven't read these books or have been living under a rock and don't know of the series. Go. Buy. Them.

You won't regret it.


Chris said...

I haven't read a word from the HP series as of yet but I am always interested in what those who have think of it. I may delve in one day or another.

Pam said...

I got into the series back in 2001 out of mere curiosity. I just had to find out what all the fuss was about and I picked up the first book on a whim when I was at Borders. I was instantly hooked and enjoyed the ride through the final book this summer.

brandy said...

I can't believe it's taken me almost a week to get over here and comment on the GREATEST BOOK SERIES EVER. You did a great review Airam, trying to talk about these books is always so tricky I find because there's just so much to say. I do agree that they capture every age group and often wonder how JK managed to create this entire world. I read an interview where she said that she still has boxes and boxes of unused information- spells never discussed, creatures never heard of before, entire family trees that never got explained. I'm sad the series is over, but am consoled by the fact that it ended on the best possible note. Hope you enjoy book 7!

Joy said...

I LOVED these books and read them all this year. I'm glad now that I didn't read them earlier and have to wait a year between them. I wish I knew more about what happened to everyone but am glad she added that part to the last book. JK deserves all the praise, credit, and money she earned from these. I wish I could find more books that enthrall me the way those did.

Amber said...

About two months ago I decided I needed to read the Harry Potter series. I blew through books rather fast, recently finishing the 7th and final book. Tears were streaming down my face at the end of the last book, it ended PERFECTLY. I'm so grateful that JK put that last bit in there and I am heartbroken that the series is over with not much hope of any sort of continuation.
I am now joining the ranks of people that declare themselves Harry Potter fanatics, I adored the series and absolutely plan on re-reading them many times!
To all who haven't read them, this series is classic that I know will be passed down for many generations!