Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Beach House

I've talked about enough James Patterson books on this blog to not have to go to much into detail here.

If you like thriller/murder-mystery type books and you would like to have something that you can bang out quickly (I started it on a Saturday afternoon and finished it on a Sunday afternoon), this is a good selection.

It would almost seem impossible, at least to the untrained author such as myself, to develop characters as deeply as he does because these stories just fly by but for me to invest such a short time and be so deeply involved in these fictional lives is very gratifying.


Pam said...

I read this one some time back and I agree, it was a smooth and easy read.

I just finished his latest in the Women's Murder series, 8th Confession. I think it was a bit better than the last one.

Chris said...

Pam - I'm a bit behind on that series having missed the 7th book. I just started reading "The Jester" and while very early in, I am not loving it at all...