Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Veil of Roses

Veil of Roses by Laura Fitzgerald is about Tamila, a 27 year old Persian girl, trying to make a life in America. Born in California, Tamila and her family moved back to Iran while she was an infant. Upon moving back, her family's passports were ripped up, never permitting them to travel again. Now, after quitting her job as a teacher, as a birthday gift, her parents present her with a limited three month visa. She's to return to America, live with her older sister, and find the freedom she deserves.. and ultimately needs.

From trying on her first Victoria's Secret bra to ordering coffee at Starbucks, you watch Tami grow. Sometimes failing, she never gives up and always continues her walk home, her awkwardly worded conversation, or quest to find a husband in order to stay in the states. The book's overall theme was hope - hope for a better future. Eye opening in many ways, you learn about the Persian lifestyle and, ultimately, about yourself. As Tami realizes that she could, in fact, sit with men and drink coffee out in public, you realize that in some countries, it's outlawed. As she realizes that she can make decisions on her own, you realize that somewhere people can't. Tami is endearing and fun loving. The book lets you cheer on her quest for a better tomorrow.


SM said...

Yet another book that I've frequently picked up at the bookstore but haven't purchased! Now I will.

Excellent review!

Airam said...

Bought this today .. can't wait to read it!

Lauren said...

yay! Let me know what you guys think :)