Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Deep Dish by Mary Kay Andrews

In Andrews' newest book, Gina Foxton stars as the the chef in a regional cooking show called Fresh Start. When she discovers that her producer boyfriend slept with the wife of the show's sponsor and here show is doomed to be canceled, she believes her life is over. A new opportunity soon opens up as she discovers that The Cooking Channel is looking to add a new show and they are interested in her. However, they are also interested in another regional cooking show called Vittles, which is hosted by wildly popular Tate Moody. The tension builds between both Gina and Tate as the network decides to turn their battle for The Cooking Channel spot into a reality show competition. This takes them both to an island off the coast of Georgia where things not only heat up in the kitchen but with each other.

Having read and thoroughly enjoyed Andrews's series featuring Savannah residents Weezie and BeBe, I was excited to hear that she was penning a new book. I was actually reminded a bit of the Weezie and BeBe characters with Gina and her sister Lisa in this book. I had a hard time putting this one down as I got caught up in the cooking competition between Gina and Tate. I've heard mixed reviews on this book as some just don't like it at all. But, I thought it was quite enjoyable and a good choice for summer reading.

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