Saturday, March 22, 2008

Miracle on the 17th Green

I must admit that even James Patterson can't make me like golf and the fact that this book has a golf theme made it a scary one to start and jump into. I must also forewarn you to learn what the following terms mean:
Par, Eagle, Birdie, Bogey, Double Bogey. You can find them all here in the WikiPedia Golf Glossary.

As much as I resisted, because of the golf theme, the story kept me in there and by the time it was all through I was hooked. The story's main character, Travis McKinley, takes us deep into his mid-life crisis including the near meltdown of his marriage, his losing a job, and taking a stab at a dream. The end result is a beautiful story about possibilities and believing in yourself.

At 149 pages, not having enough time is no excuse so grab a copy, a steaming cup of licorice spice tea and a cozy throw and find your favorite easy chair. Enjoy.


Kelli said...

Thanks for the review, I definitely want to read this book. I have only ever read one James Patterson book, and I finished it today. It is called Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas. If you haven't read it, I encourage you to do so. It was truly amazing! Have a great week!

Chris said...

Kelli - I'm such a Patterson fanatic I have a checklist of all of his books and am working my way through them all. I actually think Suzanne's diary is next on my list!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your site! Love it!! I'm an avid reader and can't wait to pick up some of the books you've reviewed. I too am a huge Patterson fan - I'll be grabbing this one on my next bookstore visit :-) ~Mel from Ohio~

Dana said...

I heard about this book.. Thanks for the review, I'll absolutely have to check it out now!! Enjoy your Saturday! :)